About ISC

ISC – Indian School of Commerce is promoted by ISDC - International Skill Development Corporation (A Company Registered under the Companies Act of England and Wales, 2006). It imparts Education of International Standard through holistic approach, producing exorbitant quality output to cater the current professional demand. ISC extends complete education solution setting it apart as the forefront Education Company first of its kind in India. The portfolio of services capitalizes in new generation programmes catering the education and employment habitat. ISC’s rigorous cutting edge training of the students creates a definitive winning mark depicted of its kind in the new generation course environment at various educational platforms. Its core competency is sharpening the student’s output, also empowering education service providers and Institutions with effectiveness to manifest. ISC bridges the gap between the Knowledge starving and the resources with optimal delivery of Quality Education.

In tune with the Vision of the Entire Group, the Vision of ISC is in disseminating knowledge through quality education and being an instrument of the complete education solution for progress.

The Mission of ISC is to facilitate excellent business education culture through the latest in the industry. Value and ethics has been the cornerstones in our edifice. A holistic approach is followed by students, staffs and clients to offset mediocrity and making the aspiring candidate reach the most coveted standards in excellence and carving a niche for themselves in the phenomenally changing world.

What We Do ?

In a Rapidly evolving education industry, management students increasingly need help and support. ISC is dedicated to help the students by providing opportunities to gain professional education by designing courses through market studies and research and with technical collaboration and affiliation with Professional Bodies and Universities. Our existence in the constantly changing education industry is for identifying the need of the student community, for providing unique services based on dissemination of information with global perceptive, and for guiding students to overcome the difficulties and complications they may encounter on their education journey.

Our values guide our institutions in the endeavour to achieve the objectives outlined in our institutional service plan contemplating:

  • A student centered professional education institution.

  • Undiluted quality and continuous improvement.

  • Lifelong learning opportunities for the citizens.

  • A positive, healthy and supportive working environment that respect the diversity of outlooks and views of others.

  • Effective working partnerships and alliances.

  • An entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Fiscal responsibility.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness.